My Accident (2012)

Theodore Abi-Mansour: Accident in Lebanon year 2012

It was 2012 year, June 10th exactly. I was helping an events company and working with them. It was around 8 – 8:30pm time when we were totally the last ATV  and the guide who was supposed to be behind us was in-front of me by maybe 300 meters; still can’t recall everything 100%.

Since it was already night and no lights on the road, instead of going right I saw their lights in-front of me… so I ran to become close to them. Instead of that, the ATV fell 5 meters down. My friend behind me had a helmet, but broke both of his legs. While I didn’t have helmets I fell directly on my head and went down asleep.

Theodore Abi-Mansour: Arriving to the hospital “St. George”

The whole group arrived back where we fell and by doing a few calls the Ambulance arrived after 30 mins. My condition was unknown; but one thing was assured that I fell directly on my head and it was very unfortunate and dangerous.

The Ambulance put me up in it, and took me to the closest Hospital that was there. St. George was the hospital where  they took me to and took me directly to the emergency room where scans were done and machines plugged through my body.

Theodore Abi-Mansour: Dr. Adel Chidiac took care of me from day 1 till now

The hospital had no doctor for the brains and head problem. That was when a doctor there called Dr. Chidiac and asked him the problem. Almost 1 hour took for both my mom and the doctor arrive. The surgery took time from 11pm till 3:00 am to be finished. No one was supposed to see me that night. The doctor told my mom to be back next day and see me for sure.

Theodore Abi-Mansour: almost 1 month passed till I woke up and remember what happened

The hospital kept me asleep for almost 1 month. They had to because if I woke up I might have injured myself more. After 1 month (while the doctor used to visit me and check the updates about me daily) the hospital started to make me wake up a little more everyday after the doctor agreed.

I used to wake up, and remember everything except the names of my family/friends and everything else. But, each time I used to sleep, I used to wake up and never forgot the date before. I stayed like that till maybe 10 – 15 days. Then, the first day I slept and woke up remembering what happened the day before (I still remember it till now) they knew that I shall be very good sooner than expected.

Theodore Abi-Mansour: What did I lose in that accident?

That was the question asked to the doctor. The answer was unknown; we had to wait to know. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t speak, no one knew if I could write or read. They just knew that I understood them when they talked, and I used to see well.

took almost 10 days for me to start walked slowly and what even made my mom happy one night is hearing me speak 2 words only. Same night when the doctor told her that I should start speaking after 6 months which is good. I said 2 words same night.

So, waiting to know that I lost NOTHING but I need some time (unknown) to talk 100% and walk as fast as I used to took us maybe 10 days. That was when I had to leave the hospital and go to “bhanness hospital” that was supposed to help me walk better and talk 100%.

Theodore Abi-Mansour: Bhannes for almost 2 weeks

I spent time in Bhannes for 1 week + 4 days. That was the time that they told me it’s much more than enough; the rest will get better with time and not necessary to let them help me. Directly from Bhannes I went to my Aunt’s house; spent 1 day and after it came back home.

Theodore Abi-Mansour: Thanks for all who helped me

All in all… I need to thank for always my Mom, my Dad, my Brother and Sister. My brother who was in the US and couldn’t come but kept updating my news through contacting my mom. My dad came saw me for 10 days then he had to go back to his work in KSA but also kept getting his updates from my mom.

Also, I’d like to thank all my relatives who cared about me and kept coming to give me power to go on and get better.

My friends who came from all over the places in Lebanon and even who came from Kuwait; my friends who kept knowing my updates but couldn’t come.

Thank you all; I am here because of you all and will always be!!

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