A little about me

Thank you for visiting my website. I dedicate this web to all “tech” fans out there. Being born during such an era makes most of us become fans of technology and all the discoveries that revolve around it. From the sub-atomic particles all the way to the fascinating discoveries of the Universe. From the “micro” to the “macro” our whole world is revolving.

Starting my journey through web design in 2001, then advancing through the world of dynamic web and databases; I now am a web developer with more than 7 years of  experience in various web languages and frameworks.

The point behind building this website is to be able to share all my experience, hobbies and view of the world to all the people who are curious enough and share with me the same fascination.

In the menu above you would be able to browse my various activities; web development, photography, astronomy, biology and lots more that could be added in the future.

Your visit is much appreciated, and leaving me your comments is something I really look forward to.


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