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Theodore Abi-Mansour: Web design, web programming & tutorial development

In a nutshell, I am a freelance “web designer” and “front-end developer” based in Beirut, who has been involved in the web design industry since 2001. I have been working on websites ever since the days when table layouts and one-pixel GIFs dominated the market.

It all started back in 1999, after being introduced to the (WWW) by a friend of mine; I had the curiosity in new technology such as creating computer games. The internet was something new to me, which I was able to understand very quickly and excel in it. Time passed by and I created my first personal website using Geocities website builder which I vaguely recall as being like a Christmas tree :-). Later on, I started working with MS FrontPage which gave me more experience into HTML 3.0 and the more advanced website building environment.

After 2 years of learning the basics of website building and programming mostly from online articles and tutorials; I started taking official Web Design courses at Sessions Inc, New York. I took both programming and design courses which enhanced my design skills drastically. I was able to run my first web application being designed and programmed by me. Moving along my way into the World Wide Web, I started my second project by building a CMS (Content Management System) from scratch, in which I kept and still keep modifying and enhancing it as it is the skeleton that I use for all my current and future projects.

I’ve been working in the field of designing and programming for the web for more than 13 years. I enjoy my work and always try to be ahead as much as possible. I know that my imagination goes far beyond reality, but it’s always not the easiest way to go and pave a road that doesn’t exist.

Theodore Abi-Mansour: Photography, Design & Composition

Photography or what I call “candy for the eyes” is something every person in the world is fascinated about. Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur or just someone who likes to browse photos in general; we all love photography.

To me, photography is something I enjoy during my free time. When I’m frustrated and tired from the daily routines, I take my camera and wander around trying to take nice and soothing pictures. I consider myself an ambitious half professional photographer who treats photography more as a hobby than it is a job to be done..

Theodore Abi-Mansour: Honesty, Logic & Difference

I’m a person who lives for the sake of my own beliefs. I rarely believe what I hear, but give no negative impressions about it. I live for what I believe is right and wrong. I believe in honesty, loyalty and simplicity. Those are my three main points that my life revolves around.

I am calm by nature, I believe that good decisions can never be taken when in bad mood. I manage to maintain my temper in almost all conditions; it’s only extreme ignorance that drives me nuts 😛

In general, I try to simplify things in life rather than make them complex. Eventually life is simple if treated that way. I like to teach and be taught because even a newborn baby is capable of teaching us things we never knew. I accept people however and whoever they were as long as they show me respect.

I’m a very straightforward person who prefers to hurt saying the truth, rather than draw a smile caused by a lie. I like challenge, I hate cheaters, I hate liars.

That’s all I can write about me, I’m a person with a million closed doors, all you have to do is find the right key for the right door, and you will end up knowing every single thing about me.

Have fun browsing my site, and thanks for your interest.

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