Web Design

Basically Design wise is not something I was perfect in it. I’m not a big fan of the design, but I had a way I used and still design that some people love most and I do of course. I have a few friends who officially are designers; sometimes I send them a project to work on while sometimes I do the design if the client preferred me to do it. The responsive layouts are very well planned – from a large format 4-column layout to a small 1-column layout.

All my personal websites and some of my clients I made them all. Design and everything after. That is fun basically; but not much when it becomes work. It’s always better to have a different designers than the one who is Programmer. This is how I believe actually.

However, I do agree to do everything if asked to; I kinda got used to it; but it simply takes a few days more than someone else doing the design.

Anyways, soon I will a special page about the sites that I designed and another about the ones that I just programmed.

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