Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Hello and welcome to my “CV” page where you can know the full information about what I know and what/where I worked for the past years till now.

When I studied Information Technology, I was introduced to the design, development, installation, and implementation of computer Information Systems and Networks. This gave me a sense of personal accomplishment, career satisfaction, and endless possibilities.

Possible careers that I might pursue may be network engineer, systems administrator, and computer forensic analyst. I might also specialize in distributed systems advancement, network development, and web development where they are all connected to each others somehow.

By working from 2005 till 2012 years I got used to work in teams on projects that foster team work and group accomplishments while at home I spent some time working alone in web development. On the other hand, because of the rapid change in technology and constant shifting in the corporate landscape, I have to spend my extra time updating myself with the latest news and creations of the internet, web, networks and all the new stuff created every year. This keeps me updated always.

The contents I am professional at are the following:

  • Web is changing
    It keeps changing and I am always following the updates going on to stay always among the best. The languages I know for web design and programming are the following: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery and AJAX.
  • The Network is now the computer
    Network is also being updated a lot recently, this helps companies that have branches differently between cities and countries and it all doesn’t matter because the whole company is now connected to the internet cloud; and by being so moves the whole company from a country to a cloud where they could be in some country one day and suddenly move to another if something happened.
  • Information Technology
    Computer Network Systems, Software “Applications & Programming” last but not least Web Hosting both Windows and Linux where Linux till now is still the number one (more powerful and it’s free for everyone)

These are the information I have studied and worked for many years. I have tried to make this page somehow nice with me telling you about everything easily but at the same time includes everything I know. Whenever you need to know if I know more about something exact, please send me an email.

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