Difference between PHP, ASP.NET and JSP

[frame src=”http://www.tedzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/php-asp-jsp.jpg” width=”80″ height=”80″ align=”right” style=”2″ linkstyle=”pp” linksto=”http://www.tedzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/php-asp-jsp.jpg” title=”PHP vs ASP.NET vs JSP”]Here is what I believe in the difference between PHP, ASP.NET and JSP. Basically these are three different technology throug which we can create web pages. PHP is the easiest to develop in and the language can be hosted on all servers.

ASP.Net requires Windows and IIS to run. It can be integrated with many database engines, but basically works best with Microsoft SQL Server. Code usually can be written in VB.Net, C++, or C#.

JSP is one of the most complicated. A lot depends on which JSP engine (may also be called “servlet container” or “application server”) you are using. Typically, works well with Oracle DB; accesses databases through JDBC.

In the meantime; I use PHP always and to me it is the best and most popular for website. Of course; PHP has many positives and negatives same thing with ASP.NET and JSP. Every language has a different positive thing.

All three languages can do the same thing basically. The only way is how they do it. Every language is professional in doing something than the other.

In the end every programmer is great at one of them and it is his best one; eventhough any programmer can easily learn a new programming language. Mainly PHP and ASP.NET are the most used two, while JSP is rarely used.

The most important thing is that whatever language u liked, just being professional using it is great and the more languages you use the better and easiest your work can be done.

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